Good + Plenty WPG is a promotional company offering the best in music and art to Winnipeg, with a specific focus on promoting artists who identify as women, non-binary, LGBTQ2S+, living with a disability, BIPOC, and beyond. We are fiercely anti-racist, and are here for YOU.


From the well-established to the just-starting-out, G+P seeks to make a comfortable, positive, welcoming, and creative space for artists to be heard and seen, and offers audiences a fully immersive experience through well-curated events that weave together diverse mediums.

Through open mic's, songwriting circles, gallery shows, concerts, workshops and other collaborations, G+P's mission is to help under-represented artists find their place in the Winnipeg art scene.  

Where'd the name come from?

Winnipeg has PLENTY of GOOD musicians and artists. We want the scene to reflect that.

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