What is Good + Plenty?


Good + Plenty WPG is a collective that seeks to diversify the arts and music scene by highlighting the incredible women, trans, and non-binary artists in Manitoba. We are currently doing this by focusing on two streams: live music events, and the Good + Plenty Producer's Club.


From the well-established to the just-starting-out, G+P seeks to make a comfortable, positive, welcoming, and creative space for artists and producers to be heard and seen.

Through open mic's, songwriting circles, gallery shows, concerts, workshops and other collaborations, G+P's mission is to help under-represented artists find their place in the Winnipeg art scene, and offers audiences a fully immersive experience through well-curated events that weave together diverse mediums.


Through the Good + Plenty Producer's Club we seek to diversify the Manitoba audio industry and provide a space for women, trans, and non-binary producers and audio engineers to learn, share, and grow together.

Where'd the name come from?

Manitoba has PLENTY of GOOD musicians and artists with diverse identities. We want the scene to reflect that.

WHO is Good + Plenty?

Good + Plenty WPG is run by Lana Winterhalt, Morgan Ayre, Robyn Adam, and Christian Higham. These 4 have worked together to launch G+P and steer it's current direction.

The Good + Plenty Producer's Club is run by Lana Winterhalt but is a collective of voices through the GPProducer's Club Facebook Page. There are currently over 50 women, trans, and non-binary artists/producers/audio engineers part of the club on Facebook. Want to join? Find out more here.

A note on COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we really haven't been able to fully enact our vision with live shows and events.. But never fear, we are cooking up some amazing stuff for whenever we're all allowed to be in a room together again.