Our first event is coming up!

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It's time to start making change in the Winnipeg arts scene.

The music and arts industry has taken a huge hit from COVID-19, but we felt that if we keep waiting for a perfect time, the time may never come; so, the time is now! Please join us for a open and casual conversation about what G+P WPG is, what we want to do for you, and how you can be involved. No pressure to participate; you can come and go, speak and leave, listen and not speak, whatever your preference. We want this to be an easy chat between friends.

While our organizers are passionate about facilitating events and shows, we want to be like the Wizard of Oz (the person behind the curtains) and we want YOU to be the voice of G+P WPG, making your needs and desires the pillars of this organization. As a baby organization, your feedback and input will help to create policies and procedures, accessibility standards for every show, help us understand what sort of team and advocacy you need, and so much more.

Some of the questions we'll be discussing are:
- What are current issues you face in your field (as a woman, person who uses a wheelchair, BIPOC, etc.)?
- What sort of needs or desires do you have for live events (for example: interpreters, womxn sound technician, a clear breakdown of what will be happening every few minutes, etc.)
- What sort of events would you love to come to? What makes a really good event for you?
- What are the larger issues you see in the music or arts industry in Winnipeg that you find difficulty navigating, understanding or want more info or training on (this may inform workshops, resources, advocacy, etc.)
- What sort of events would YOU like to be involved in?
..... and wherever the conversation leads!

We hope this can be a really open and casual conversation about your needs, wants, desires, and dreams for the Winnipeg arts scene. We're also excited to share with you some of our ideas, and get your take on them.

We look forward to you joining us, and please feel free to invite anyone you so desire. We welcome musicians, photographers, visual artists, poets, dancers, industry professionals, arts administrators, venue owners, producers, sound techs, art curators, etc., etc., etc., and ANY music and arts lovers to this event. This is a safe and inclusive space for any and all underrepresented artists.

*****If you have any accessibility needs for attending a Zoom session, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via messenger or email us at goodandplentywpg@gmail.com. We are happy to accomodate any and all needs!

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